5 Reasons Why Children Don’t Listen To Their Parents, According To Experts

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The “strong verbal discipline” occurs when parents cause emotional and psychological harm in order to correct or control behavior. This includes screaming, loudly reprimanding, and the use of bad words in order to insult or humiliate.

3. You don’t get involved by not listening or talking.

Sometimes, it can be very easy to ignore what your child says when your mind is preoccupied with work or chores. Also, let’s admit it, kids often interrupt and talk too much. But ignoring your children or silencing them is a lost opportunity to teach them about respect, empathy, and kindness, says Melanie Greenberg.

Use these strategies next time you’re too busy to talk with your child. Instead of ignoring them completely, tell them “It’s hard for me to listen to you right now because I’m busy cooking.” Tell them that you’ll talk with them when you finish.