9 Ways To Keep Mice Away From Home

Mice may seem cute and harmless compared to rats, but it’s only how they look. They can carry many dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases. But even without the dangers that mice can pose, you sure don’t want them to invade your home. You first step is to mouse-proof your home – make sure that possible entry points, such as holes, cracks, and small spaces under your sink, windows, and doors, are sealed. Inspect your house both inside and outside for such spaces. You can block the potential mouse entry points using stainless-steel wool, copper mesh, caulk, or cement.

You should also make sure there’s no food available for mice:

– keep your food in airtight plastic containers;

– take out the trash regularly;

– don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink;

– sweep your kitchen floor and clean counters, tables, or other surfaces where there may be crumbs;

– put your pets’ food bowls away after they eat;

– throw away or recycle old newspapers, magazines and other things that mice can use to make bedding.

And, finally, here’s a list of 9 methods to keep mice away from your home:

1. Humane traps